The JavaScript pipeline operator proposal

In this episode I will use map and take. You should watch the related episodes:

▶️ Episode 2 - map  ▶️ Episode 9 - take

Today, I show you the pipeline operator proposal in Javascript, in action with RxJS pipeable operators. Links about my configuration are after the video!

Recently, Ben Lesh tweeted the importance of the pipeline operator proposal in JavaScript.

Try the pipeline operator! This is what I installed:

🎨 In the previous episode, I used the Gloom theme port for VS Code. But it doesn’t work with ▷ the ligature. Instead, in today’s demo, I used the Hydra theme.

UPDATE 1 🔥 Try RxJS Explorer to learn more and download the source code of this demo.

UPDATE 2 🔥 Full tutorial available: Pipeable operators - Build your own in RxJS!

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