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Episode 9 - Take 3 and complete Monday, 13 Nov.

In Episode 6 you have discovered the filtering streams category and the ❚ filter card.

Here is ❚ take, a new card from the filtering category:

Use a ▬ number on this card, such as 3, to set a maximum amount of events to emit. ❚ take returns a new stream of at most amount values:

Stream completion

What does “the stream completes” mean? As a reminder, in Episode 1 you have learned that a stream is a sequence of events over time. And in Episode 3 you have subscribed to a stream, using a listener. Let’s dive into the details now:

Listeners can act upon stream completion, but not only them. In the next episode, you’ll see how a card can work with a completion notification.

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Cédric Soulas
Motion graphics about programming