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Episode 1 - Streams Monday, 18 Sept.

This is your first Monday! I am so excited to have you on board. We build reactive machines here. Our building blocks are cards and pieces.

Every Monday we’ll play with cards and pieces to learn new reactive programming skills. Today, I’m pleased to give you your first building blocks:

The ▬ toggle interactive piece. It can be turned on and off.

The ❚ fromEvent card

This card accepts a source of events, such as click events on the ▬ toggle interactive piece. As a result, it creates a sequence of events over time. This sequence is called a stream.

Reactive programming is programming with streams. With the full deck of cards, you’ll be able to:

I can’t wait to give you new cards!


Congrats on your first experiment!


This event box is still a mystery though. What’s inside? How can we open each box of the stream? That will be for next Monday!

Cards to learn Reactive Programming

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Cédric Soulas
Motion graphics about programming