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Episode 3 - Reactivity Monday, 2 Oct.

So far you learned 2 essential Reactive Programming principles: streams and immutability. Today we explore a third principle: reactivity. You’ll need:

The ▬ setWifi listener piece. It turns the wifi on or off.

You also need all the cards and pieces you previously received. Let’s put them all together like this:


Yes! You can put cards one after another, in a chain. Each card in this chain operates on the stream generated by the previous card:


In Reactive Programming we react to piece and stream updates. This is the reactivity principle. And today, by assembling several cards together, you built your first reactive machine!

You now have the basic knowledge of Reactive Programming. Over the next lessons, you’ll receive new cards that transform streams. We’ll build more advanced reactive machines!

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Cédric Soulas
Motion graphics about programming