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Episode 7 - combineLatest vs merge Monday, 30 Oct.

In Episode 5 you have discovered the combining streams category and merged two input streams. Today, I show you a second card from this category: ❚ combineLatest.

Let’s compare this card with ❚ merge, used on the same input streams:

On the one hand, ❚ merge doesn’t need a projection function, as it doesn’t change the event values (learn more about projection functions in Episode 2).

On the other hand, ❚ combineLatest accepts a projection function to combine two values (or more) into a new one, noted figuratively ⚬ ⟶ ⚭ ⟵ ⚬.

This is how ❚ combineLatest operates with two (or more) input streams:

You now know two different ways of combining streams 🙌. Next Monday, I’ll show you a third card that combines streams!

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Cédric Soulas
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